Football makes you Stupid 2013 Installation

"The Cult of nothing" There is nothing wrong with a game of football among friends a sunny sunday afternoon. No more than there is anything wrong with playing a game of angry birds.The two things have that in common that they where originally thought up as a pass-time thing for kids that later became got picked up by older people.The problem with football came when people started taking it serious. Commercial interests realized they could profit by fanning hatred between teams, basically making the human feeling of group belonging and hatred for the other into hard-currency.However, it's not the evil that's the problem- it's the unworthy of men. Just the thought of GROWN UP men making a living out of football it is as absurd as if there where professional angry-birds-players.  Societys loss A generation of poor people are told they have a chance. Not by reading or studying or doing something creative. That is too hard. No, like in Roman times we tell them they have a chance to earn the respect of their superiors by physical activity. For years they practice. Millions and millions of poor people of the world. Throwing a way their future for the one chance in a thousand to become a professional player.

"Once, being a man meant integrity, originality and finding your own way. After the spreading of commercial football these values are increasingly hard to find"


Petro Wodkins

American studies show radically decreased intelligence among team players. (Everyone that anytime has seen an interview with a sweaty footballer know what I'm talking about.)



To say that football is a kind of art form is like saying eating waffles is a kind of art form.  Football expresses nothing but the gluttony of the consumer to eat what has already been chewed.


There are many arguments that can be made against "professional" football. The tasteless herd mentality of the teams often result in violent, homophobic, misogynic persons obsessed with the most stupid expressions of commercialism. Expensive shiny car and watches. Yet however mindnumbingly stupid the inside world is, the real threat to society is to be found among the people watching. It is a sad sight to behold a whole generation of men passively sitting in their chairs eagerly watching other perform what is really a game for kids. And all over the world, millions of poor uneducated people are made to throw away their lives and forsake education and real interests in the futile hope of being a "professional" football player.  

In England, the home of football, there's been over 20.000 licenced professional football players throughout the years, only 1 came out as homosexual.  After eight years of harassment he killed himself. Just recently the Guardian published an article on the subject.


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