Yitzchok Loewenthal - Rabbie, Niels Tvilling - Priest, Idriz Karaman - Imam.



Petro assembled religious leaders who belive in unity.

Sign up here, get your name engraved on the original artwork. Petro is creating a big Love Symbol of love and unity, by signing up you can have your name engraved on it.

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The Love Symbol For as long as anyone can remember people have been killing each other over abrahamitic symbols. People wearing crosses have fought people wearing stars of David, who in their turn have fought people wearing crescents. And Vice Versa. Now the artist Petro Wodkins has created the Love Symbol™. A small medallion incorporating the three symbols of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It's a symbol of unity, not division. It is a symbol saying that it's wearer believes in God. So, from now on the Muslims, Jews and Christians of the world who believe in the same God can stop showing what separates them and instead show what they have in common. Petro originally made 7 pieces that's sold out. The new production is planned for 10.000 pieces. The mediallion is made of brass, measuring 30 mm in diameter. The Symbol on the front and the Petro Wodkins, PW on the backside. Each medallion is delivered with a hand signed letter from the Artist. It's just the medallion being delivered, not the chain. Wearing this symbol shows appreciation, understanding and respect of other believers. Expressing love and unity instead of hate and diversity.

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