"The only thing a dictator cannot survive is humor and dance"


Petro Wodkins

My gift to Robert


Zimbabwe is one of the poorest countries on the planet. It has been run for 30 years by Robert Mugabe.


Robert is often referred to as the worst discator in the world, and when he's not ranked no 1 he is always on top 5. In short, Robert is not good for Zimbabwe who went from being the garden of Africa to having to import close to all food.

Reports of torture, people going missing and violation of human rights are numerous.


When Petro Wodkins was invited to an International Art Festival in Zimbabwe / Harare he accepted the invitation. When he later proposed his artwork that was critical of Mugabe his invitation was withdrawn.


Petro decided to go anyway and brought to Harare his artwork, an 3 meter high golden sculpture playing a song which Petro recorded, a song mocking the dictator. Petro wanted to give the artwork to Robert as a gift Petro was after confrontations with the police, the army and secret police,  forced to make his escape to Zambia. Leaving the statue on Mugabe drive in Harare.



Robert Mugabe


Robert Mugabe is often referred to as one of the worst dictators in the world. Mugabe is accused of torture, rape, ethnic cleansing, genocide and other acts of violence committed in Zimbabwe since 1980.


Between 1983 - 1987, Roberts forces committed genocide in the Southern province of Matabeleland against members of Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU).

20 000 civilians are reported to have been killed.


The state of the country has led to inflation now at a world-record of more than 1200 per cent. Calls increased for Mugabe to stand down but his government has responded with widespread acts of torture, forced removals, political murder and rigged elections.


An estimated four million, or one-in-three Zimbabweans, now lives in exile and latest figures from the United Nations (UN) suggest that three-quarters of the population is malnourished in a country that once fed much of southern Africa.


Robert is not complaining. With an estimated fortune of over one billion US dollar and an £800bn blood diamond mine he's running with China's Red Army he is living a life of extreme luxury.